What our patients are saying…

Diane H on Apr 16th,  2013

I had both total hip replacements performed by Dr.  Davenport, I was in severe pain when I first went to him and after my first hip  surgery it was fantastic, and my ability to get around was wonderful, so I had  the second one done , he saved my life because pain and disability to do what I  wanted to do was  depressing, he is a wonderful surgeon and I am blessed to have  had such special care. I totaly recommend him to anyone needing hip replacement,  he is the best.


Meg B on Feb 26th,  2013

Dr. Davenport was excellent. He listened carefully and  asked questions. The surgery was expertly done…I was up and around in no  time.

Conna D on Apr 10th,  2010

Very impressed with Dr. Davenport. He took extra time to  talk to me and asked me many questions. He also showed my MRI and x-ray results,  and educated me on my condition (very rare). He thoroughly explained his  findings and his reasoning. Great physician. I only wish the facility was worthy  of him. His office staff seemed very kind and professional…


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