Don’t slouch!: When the spine is in a slouched posture, the scapula are forced into a compromising position forward which may lead to impingement of your rotator cuff tendon.

  • Do “Set”: By doing a very simple isometric exercise called “scapular sets” (bringing the scapula back together and downward and holding for 10 seconds) several times throughout the day you can maintain ideal position and strengthen important muscles.
  • Don’t ignore pain or loss of motion!: Pain or loss of mobility to the shoulder is an indication something is wrong. If caught early, a lot of shoulder pathologies can be managed relatively easily. Call your physician or physical therapist if you suspect something is wrong.
  • Do strengthen your rotator cuff: The rotator cuff is like the steering wheel of a car. A strong cuff maintains efficient movement within the joint and may prevent injury to it. Strengthening the cuff requires elastic bands, pulley’s or dumbbells to provide resistance. Call your physical therapist to get simple instructions on how to do the exercises correctly and safely.
  • Do use ice!: Due to the close proximity of tissues that often become inflamed with acute or chronic injuries of the shoulder, ice is an excellent means to decrease swelling and pain and assist the body in restoring health to the tissue. 15-20 minutes is usually recommended 2 or 3 times a day (keep a moist cloth barrier between skin and ice to prevent ice ‘burns’).

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