Knee Pain

Patellofemoral Pain

Patellofemoral pain is a specific type of pain in the knee between the patella or kneecap and the femur or thigh bone. It is usually felt in the front of the knee. Patellofemoral knee pain is made worse by activities that increase force between the patella and femur such as squatting, climbing up or down stairs and running.

Patellofemoral pain is common in both women and men, can occur in all ages and may increase the risk of developing arthritis in the knee. Patellofemoral pain can be disabling and alter your ability to do the regular activities of daily living, sports, or even work.

There is no reason to be living with pain. Patellofemoral pain can be successfully treated with a coordinated program that includes education, an individually tailored exercise and physical therapy programs.

Medication may be prescribed initially to decrease the pain and allow an exercise program to be started but most likely not be needed on a long term basis. The idea is to get you walking and just living your life without the constant pain so you can focus on the things that you want to do.

There are numerous types and reasons for knee pain. If you have pain or are avoid certain activities or movements due to the pain they cause, an expert orthopedic evaluation can identify the causes of your pain and a treatment plan can be tailored for you.

Dr. Davenport has made the treatment of the knee a focus of his practice and is one of the few surgeons in Oklahoma City who has done an additional Fellowship in treatment of pain and injury of the knee.

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