5 star audience rating at the Jim Thorpe Continuing Education

Hot Topics in Joint Replacement

Dr. Davenport recently received a 5 star audience rating at the Jim Thorpe Continuing Education Series where he presented  “Hot Topics in Joint Replacement”.

The presentation focused on leading edge surgical techniques and approaches for both hip replacement and knee replacement. The presentation fills a gap for Oklahomans who are looking for more courses in orthopedics and surgical approaches.

The attendees appreciated hearing and seeing live joint demonstrations from a physician who had performed 1000’s of hip and knee surgeries and is a recognized expert in total knee and hip joint replacement in Oklahoma. Dr. Davenport also fielded numerous questions and gave advice across such topics as arthritis, joint pain, differences and pros and cons between anterior and posterior approaches,muscles affected in surgery as well as expected outcomes and precautions with orthopedic surgery.