Let’s take a look at Your Hip Joint

We have designed the site to help you understand how the hip functions as well as some of the things that can go wrong and what can be done to get you back to enjoying your regular activities again.We know that not being to complete healthy exercise or even regular activity really impacts the quality of your day to day life. There are many ways to approach the discomfort or even pain that you may be experiencing.

Our emphasis is on providing you with timely, researched and helpful information. We strive to make all information on the site easy to read, understand and roll into what you already know and perhaps supply some additional insight as you continue your research. As always, should you have any questions at all, we are available to answer them. It is an important part of our medical practice to not only treat but to educate our patients.

Dr. Davenport is passionate about hips, he completed an additional Fellowship in Hip and Knee reconstructive surgery and is one of the few orthopedic surgeons in Oklahoma who has completed this additional training that focuses primarily on hip health, injury and replacement. Dr. Davenport regularly attends, presents and teaches to ensure that the most up to date information possible is available to his patients, other physicians, surgeons and colleagues.

Now, let’s take a look at a regular, functioning hip joint to become more familiar with the joint itself and how it works on a day to day basis.

Your hip is one of the most important joints in your body

This is a diagram of a healthy hip. It is made of the long bone of your leg, the femur and the pelvic bone.

A healthy hip allows for continued, pain free movement. Running, Yoga, Exercise and Tennis are just some of the enjoyable activities and movement a healthy hip supports. We do not even think of the varied movements that we are able to do until the they are no longer available to us.

We will take a look at the following information:

  • The Healthy Hip
    • Find information and diagrams on what a healthy hip looks like, functions and compare to hips that are injured or diseased.
  • Hip Injuries
    • Accidents happen. Learn what are the latest techniques in fixing an injured hip that is otherwise healthy.
  • Hip Diseases
    • Numerous diseases in both young and old alike can affect the hip. On this page we outline the most common diseases, for example arthritis. If you have additional questions or the disease or ailment you are dealing with is not mentioned, please feel free to give us a call to schedule a consultation at the number below.
  • Hip Procedures and Treatments
    • As hip replacement is becoming more common place, the amount of information, testimonials and results have also increased. Dr. Davenport regularly attends and teaches on the latest hip procedures and treatments and has summarized them for you on this page.
  • Hip Replacement
    • If you are considering hip replacement, the amount of information and advice can be overwhelming. Surgical replacement can be successfully accomplished through numerous approaches that are rather a lot to take in all at once.
    • We encourage you to do your research and then visit a physician to determine the best medical approach for you. On this page we outline what hip replacement is, the various approaches that are available to you as well as the latest hip replacement research.
    • Hip Replacement – Minimally Invasive Anterior Approach is discussed in-depth on this page as well as being compared to the posterior replacement approach

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