Arthritis and You

Arthritis is a painful debilitating disease.

A significant portion of the patients I treat are impacted by arthritis. I understand how incapacitating the pain and decreased movement and flexibility can be from arthritis to your every day life.

Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options as well as ways to manage pain and inflammation. Many of these are easy, non-surgical options that you can use in your day to day life making the pain more manageable and movement and activities much easier!

If you have been recently diagnosed with arthritis, there is a tremendous amount of additional information on the internet. Some great sources are the Arthritis Foundation, the Center for Disease control and Wikipedia. We feel that the more you know about your disease the better you will be able to manage the course of treatment as well as discussing treatment options with your physician.

It is important that you stay up to date not only with treatment advances but also potential lifestyle changes like aerobic and water based exercise and weight loss that can add years of additional use to your knee, ankle and hips.

I wanted to provide you with some of the latest information on the disease, current treatment options as well as tips for living with the pain and impact on your knee, hip, ankle and shoulder joints. We have arranged the information so you can more easily find the topic that is most important to you.

We have set up the following pages for you:

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